Hi AllI've just returned from a walking holiday in the Lake District, centered around Keswick, where we've climbed every mountain (well some anyway), forded every stream we've encountered, and looked for rainbows to follow but the weather was too good for those. No prizes for guessing the song reference!! 🎵We've played crazy golf, pitch and putt, found some fine restaurants, and maybe got through a bit of wine and beer.  Good to be back but now in need of a rest. ðŸŒžðŸ˜Ž


WELCOME to SCS Members ChatWe haven't seen each other as a choir for many weeks now, and, sadly, it might well be some time before we can resume activities.So this blog is a forum for Southwell Choral society Members to connect, chat, share lock-down stories. 

Let us know how you're getting on, what you're singing, where you've traveled, how your garden is doing. Feel free to post photos, videos and links to illustrate your escapades.
Be sure to keep watching out for Nick's Notes From the Podium, where he will endeavour to keep us all in tip-top singing voice as well as introducing fun things to sing.